The meat and vegetables of this blog will undeniably be the daily posts and insights I share on life, the universe and parenting. If you’re interested in chasing down those topics specifically, you will find an index of them here. They are listed in chronological order, with the most recent at the bottom of the list.

The Skylander Birthday
The Booger
Learning To Cookie
Out of the Mouths of Babes
And Now We Are One
Consuming Cookbooks
Blessings In Disguise
Sponge vs Scones
Mama’s Magical Cookery Compendium
Adventures and Unexpected Surprises
The Many Hazards of Shopping
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Early Mornings
The Christmas Wrap-Up
Taming the Satay
Happy-Chat Time!
Marx On Paper
Orion Starts Kindergarten
Christmas Gingerbread Cookies
What’s In A Box?
On Easter
A Holiday Shower
Baking Biscuits
The Path Less Travelled
Getting Cosy With Being Me
Camping and Kids
Out of Balance



ARCHIVES – These posts formed the beginning of the Almanac and I decided to keep them in order to show how far I’ve come and the way things have changed. Whilst I no longer write in this format, these posts still reflect real events in my life (and are therefore chersihed memories) and demonstrate a different aspect of my writing style.

Pointing Percy
Toilet Training
The Great Escape
When Toast Attacks
Showering: Before and After
Finding Pa
Stop! Nappytime
Baby Bribery
Moral Support
The Magic of Grandpa
On Bottling Those Moments
The Toilet Monster
The Kneedrop
Love and Overshare
‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
For The Love Of Uncle Impractical
Christmas Shopping
The Endless Cycle of Chores
From Infinity and Beyond
The Ladies’ Man
Taste, Texture, Contraband
An Introduction To My Impractical Family