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A Little About Me

Hello and welcome to my two sqaure feet of digital space! My name is Sam and I am a mother to two adorable little fluffbags (or, you know, children) who are the absolute center of my universe. When I’m not staring all googly-eyed at them, I am writing and creating. I love to explore new topics, learn new skills and posses an enthusiastic and driven personality.

I’ve been a writer since as long as my memory allows, but in 2006 I completed my Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing. Since that time I have been writing novels and performing freelance writing work. This blogging space is not only my personal platform, but a platform through which anyone interested in my writing can view samples of my work and contact me in regards to freelancing work.

My hobbies are all creative and will inevitably feature here as well. I enjoy papecraft, sewing and other miscellaneous activities which are often born from a mixture of creativity and necessity – even if that necessity is the pure unadulterated drive to form something physical with my own two hands.

I would love to hear from you! You can contact me any time by emailing samantha.m.marshall(at)bigpond.com


Portfolio and Services

I currently accept freelance writing clients in a broad variety of areas, ranging from internet content to print media. If you are interested in contacting me regarding sponsored posts or my skills as a freelance writer, please email me – samantha.m.marshall(at)bigpond.com

Whilst this blog is a window into my personality, my writing skills and my adventures in the crafting world, I also have other places wherein my work can be found. If you’re interested, please feel free to check them out below.

Aislinn’s Shadow – A novel I self-published for the Kindle market in 2012.
Mama’s Magical Cookery Compendium – A blog based collection of recipes aimed at benefitting people who suffer from food intolerances and other dietary issues.
Daughter of Isis – A short fiction piece that was accepted into Pendulum literary magazine in 2008

NOTE: I have some older freelancing pieces which were either published in print and/or the website is no longer in circulation. I will post these and update this section with relevant links when I get half a moment.

I have also written and edited (and continue to do so) print content for Lucy In The Briars Designs and Marmalade Moon Inspirations, two crafting pattern companies. Whilst they do not have digital identities, I am happy to provide  testimonials from these companies upon email request.



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