Getting Organised

According to certain people in my life *cough* my husband *cough* I am famously and dependably disorganised. I won’t make too much of a comment on the matter, suffice to say that after I had Orion (five years ago now? No way!), there was a spate of double and triple bookings, forgotten birthday presents and ohshit moments which spanned more than six months. My solution to this was to write everything down.

I strated with a wall calendar, which is cute but doesn’t really cut it. Mostly because my dearest hunk of man meat refuses to look at it. We graduated to using our phone calendars, which are synced to show events across both of our phones. This made a little bit more of a difference and worked well enough until Piper came along, and suddenly there were all these extra things to do, and we were right back to double bookings, late nights baking cakes for that barbeque lunch I thought was actually next week, and forgetting the birthday presents. And the easter eggs. And the christmas presents. Again.

I went back to using a paper desk diary late last year and suddenly a great deal of my problems were solved. I’m pretty fussy about my diaries, so when it came to choosing my diary for this year, I searched high and low before settling on this one from Kikki K:

Old-Diary Old-Diary-2

Cute hey? This is from earlier in the year, when I actually wrote stuff in it. Anyway, when I started trying to set up some work from home, I added a second desk diary to my computer desk so that I could track all my work. I bought the same diary, in a smaller version, with a weekly layout. Fast forward to last week, when I decided it was time to choose next year’s diary. When I mentioned this to the love of my life, he laughingly pointed out that I’m still awfully disorganised. He’s kind of right: I am always late, always. (That kind of comes with the territory with little kids though.) I still double book myself, and still forget things. Why? Few reasons.

One, because I have things written in my personal diary, my work diary, my wall calendar and my phone diary, but nothing is written in any one singular place. I basically write the event on whichever medium is closest to hand, get distracted by something shiny, and flit off.

Two, because I have my personal diary on the kitchen bench, my work diary on the computer desk and my wall calendar on the wall (duh) – meaning none of these are actually with me when I leave the house. Which leaves only my phone, and, well, refer reason one.

Three, because my life looks like this:
* personal diary
* work diary
* wall calendar
* diabetic diary
* To-Do list
* Shopping List
* Meal Planner
* Budget and expenses tracker
* Notepad (for lots of things to be written)
* Post-It Notes (for reminders that I stick to the back of my phone, or all around the house as necessary, in a vain attempt to Not Forget Things)


This picture is actually minus the wall calendar and the phone, but you get the idea. I have, in my attempts to be organised, started writing things in so many places it’s almost worse. So I went to Kikki K again, and I took a close friend who also loves stationary and understood my dilemma. We spent well over an hour handling every single diary option in the store and harrassing the poor woman behind the counter, searching for the solution. And the solution was this:

Diary Inside

A planner. They sell a bunch of different types and sizes, this is the large. Naturally I had to pick the only planner in the entire store which was an online only exclusive, so after making my decision I had to come home and order it online and wait an agonising three days for it to arrive – but nevertheless, I now have it. Which means attempting to condense my pile of chaos into one singular volume. More visuals?


So much better! The planner itself wasn’t cheap but when I added up the cost of everything I was already using, I realised I was easily spending double the money I spent on the planner. I also, during my online research, discovered the world of decorated planners. Someone warned me on Facebook that I’d be kissing my credit card goodbye if I got into planner decorating, but not so! I am already a lifelong stationary addict. I have drawers full of stickers, post-its, embellishments and other crafty crap with no outlet. I mean, I make birthday cards, but this is different stuff. I also have a heap of stuff I bought for scrapbooking years ago and never used. As I inhaled Pinterest, staring at the beautiful pictures of what people had done with their planners, I realised I already had all the things I needed to make my planner extraordinary too. And what better way to use up all of that stuff, right?

It’s done. It’s a done deal. I’ve heard the siren song of my people, and I have leapt into the water without a backwards glance. It’s love and washi tape and stickers and squeeeeeeeee!

I mean organisation. And responsibility. Totally. Ahem.

My requirements are a little different than the planner’s standard provision, so I had to customise it pretty heavily. In fact, the weekly calendar and the to do list are pretty much the only standard sections that survived. I also couldn’t wait until next year to start using it (are you surprised? It’s got WATERMELONS on it!) so I took to my current diary with a stanley knife and removed all the pages between here and December (when the planner’s inserts begin), hole punched them and stuck them into the ring binder. I also did the same for my smaller work diary, and slipped that into a different section for my diabetes journal. The planner fits in my handbag, so it now goes everywhere with me, thus eliminating (hopefully) all the logistical issues I’ve been experiencing thus far. I have been busted clutching it to my chest a few times and swaying dreamily.

So I’m using it. Using, building, designing, dreaming, customising, learning and loving it! Oh and organising. Yeah, organising. Stay tuned for much, much more planner love to come. I’m really excited to share the journey of this ordinary planner’s transition into something unique and special!


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