Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

Forgive me for two throwback-to-Christmas posts in a row, but I couldn’t resist sharing the fun I had making (and eating) this gorgeous gingerbread. We hosted a Christmas brunch at our house last year, and my aim was to present traditional Christmas fare in an alternative manner – and when I think traditional Christmas, gingerbread is always near the top of the list.


I know what you’re going to say – what about gingerbread houses? I did make those one year, and almost cried when everyone smashed them up to eat. The effort required in a gingerbread house is enormous and back then I’d never really dabbled in gingerbread or cookie decorating, so naturally I made it harder for myself by doing all the wrong things without realising it. This year I figured that decorated gingerbread cookies in a Christmas theme would be a good alternative, although I did pay homage to the traditional gingerbread house with my little sleighs full of popcorn.



They turned out pretty cute, right? I’m still a rank beginner when it comes to cookie decorating but I have a blast doing it, and I’m sure as time progresses I’ll get better – even if my cookie decorating opportunities are few and far between. Some of the cutters I used for these cookies are almost as old as I am, thanks to Mum kindly donating her cookie cutter stash. It was actually a really nice throwback for me to use cutters from my childhood and re-imagine them as something else. I lashed out and bought a few cutters just for the occasion, like the deer and the plaque.


One of my favourite things about decorating cookies is thinking outside the realms of your cutter. For example, I had two snowman cutters. Turn them upside down, and I have two ladies! Yup – Mrs Santa and her friend are both snowmen cutters turned upside down. Can you see it? The tiny reindeer heads are actually tiny upside down gingerbread men, and the double birds were singular ones that I nested together before baking.


The creative possibilities of cookie decorating are just endless and I loved having the chance to experiment with new things. I think the cookie garland was my favourite – it’s just a shame I didn’t get too many photos before someone thought they would be funny and take a bite. Or two. It was a cool process though, and I think I will definitely revisit the concept for parties in the future. Who doesn’t love edible decorations?

garland  eaten-garland

If you like gingerbread too, then head on over to the Cookery Compendium and check out the recipe I used. I’ll also share some tips on royal icing and learning to cookie yourself – and some links to people who do a far better job than me!


How about you? Do you like gingerbread? What’s your favourite go-to Christmas treat?


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