Quick Crafty Update

I’ve been running around lately, trying to get a few things nailed down before christmas. I took some photos of a heap of recent crafty things, and do you think I can find all of them? I think I have too many pies and not enough fingers, if you know what I mean. As it is, my list of handmade items for christmas presents is getting shorter by the day as the time draws closer! Anyway, here’s a couple of the photos I did find, ready to share for a fun crafternoon.


This is a card I made for my grandmother’s birthday. It started out as an experiment with my new edge distressing set, which includes an edge distressing blade and a series of different sized sandpaper blocks. I started out trying to use the edge ditsresser but wrecked a few bits of paper trying to get the hang of it. In the end I decided to use the super grainy sandpaper (sorry, I don’t know the technical term) and roughed up around the edges instead. The resulting white was a bit harsh, so I used some complimenting inks for a vintage look and achieved the result you see above. Add a little bling – and I do love to add my bling – and here we go!


Next is another card. This one I made for a friend who had a 1920’s themed birthday party. I tried to channel my inner flapper a bit and I love the moodier, sultry colours here. Once again, a little bit of bling for added texture and sparkle makes the card really pop. It’s amazing what you can achieve with ribbon and diamentes, because the card looked very dark before I added them.


Finally, here’s a progress shot of the Kina I’m knitting for Piper for (hopefully) her christmas present. You might remember from the last craft update that I’d only just begun. It actually only took me a couple weeks to get this far, but the project has been sitting idle for a week or so because I had to fit something else unexpected in. I can’t share the details right now because it’s a surprise, but I promise after everything’s finished I will take lots of pictures! And with any luck I’ll be able to get this kina finished in time for Santa to visit. It’s a short sleeved kina so it only needs a few rows on the sleeves once I finish off the length in the body, and a little button at the top. I love the colours in this yarn, which is an 8 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills. I think it’s an older run, because Mum picked it up from their back room on her last visit and I haven’t seen it advertised on their website. The shade is called ‘Bolero Blue’ – I have a matching one in shades of pink which I am still trying to pick a project for! So much craft, so little time.

How about you? Is your craft picking up or winding down in time for christmas?


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