Mama’s Magical Cookery Compendium

Cooking. A necessity for all of us, but something I find both relaxing and enjoyable. Which is good, because there are a lot of reasons in our house to cook things from scratch wherever possible. Apart from the health benefits of cooking food from beginning to end, in our household we need to cater for wheat intolerance, lactose intolerance, a shellfish allergy and type 1 diabetes. If I was to extend this list to include family and friends, then depending on the day I would be adding fructose intolerance, nut allergies and vegetarianism (is that even a word? It is now) to the list. Not to mention, I have two young children – and any parent knows how challenging it can be to feed little monsters.

So you can see why cooking at home works for me and my family. I’m not a professional, but I like to think I put together a decent meal. I believe this has a lot to do with the fact I enjoy cooking, savour the experience of eating, and love to watch my favourite people gobbling up something I made. Bonus points if they tell me how delicious it was.

I often get requests from family and friends for recipes that are friendly to some or all of the conditions I’ve mentioned above. I have a few requirements for food: simple, quick and delicious. I alter a lot of recipes to suit myself too, and they’re usually scribbled down on a post-it note somewhere, covered in food stains. Nothing frustrates me more than a gluten free recipe with thirty ingredients, two thirds of which I’ve never heard of before. No thanks! And it seems I’m not alone in my frustration – so I have been going out of my way to make sure that catering to different diets doesn’t have to be complicated or stupidly expensive. After all, I have a young family and therefore a limited window in which I can cook a meal before they’re chewing on my leg.

One day I had the brainwave of using a blog as a platform to record all my recipes. It’s not a food blog, so don’t get exited. It’s just a collection of recipes that I use regularly, so that when people ask me for help, I can direct them as necessary. This saves me the embarrassment of forgetting, and also means I can reference the recipes myself instead of having to sort through a million gooey post-its. Yuck.

Anyway, this is me taking the leap and sharing. The collection is entitled Mama’s Magical Cookery Compendium and if you’d like to take a look, you can find it here. There’s not a lot at the moment (and my photography skills leave a lot to be desired) so be gentle, please. That said, I’ll be endeavouring to update it with new recipes on a regular basis. Once again I’m not a pro, but if you have to cater for different dietary requirements in your family, then there might be something here to help you. Even if you just like cooking (or have to do it), then these recipes are very friendly. This week I’m sharing my recipe for scones. Yummmmmmmm!

Over to you – do you enjoy cooking? Hate it? Do you or anyone in your family have conditions which require special consideration in the kitchen?


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