Hi there, blog. It’s sure been a while. I know you’ve been sitting here, languishing away whilst I’ve been stuck running on the endless treadmill of life. For a while, I went uphill and you were set aside. It’s a shame, becasue I missed you and in my absence I actually was delighted to discover that other people, people who were not related to me and were not paid to do so, said they missed you too. So after considerable waiting and wondering and thinking and planning, I am back.

I won’t lie to you, I considered (and briefly dabbled) in trying other blogs of different formats, but ultimately you suited my personality best because you are a facet of myself. And really, I’m probably best at being myself, except for those ragingly hormonal days when I have to pretend to be myself. Anyway, I digress.

So I’m back, but there are going to be a few changes around here. For a start, Bubba Impractical is just shy of turning four (six sleeps!) and he now has a little sister. At the time of your birth, I was terrified about protecting his (and the family’s privacy) but I will admit it, writing ‘Bubba’ made him feel less real and, let’s face it, calling everyone Something Impractical was, well, impractical. With that in mind, I’m going to take a leap of faith and let you know our Superted Words. Bubba’s name is Orion and his little sister, who will be one in about two weeks (oh yes, you read correctly, their birthdays are eight days apart) is named Piper. I’m still Mummy, but I’m also Sam(antha). We live with Daddy in Melbourne, Australia. This decision to be ourselves was not one I take lightly, and of course I will be selective in what I do and do not share, but it is a decision I feel is necessary to get the best from you as a writing platform.

Don’t worry, blog. Your soul is still the same, I’m just diversifying you. If you are a facet of me, then you need to show me in all my various crazy, ridiculous, overly enthusiastic glory. So on top of all the Mummy stuff, you’re getting some extra work. A few stories, a few observations on my Big Girl Life as a writer (both personal and freelance fun), and a nice set of screendumps of my fun crafting times. You know, as it all occurs to me. I worried I would have to alter you significantly, but then I logged on and realised your tagline is “A collection of thoughts and observations on life, the universe and parenting.” This seemed incredibly apt and I wonder if past-me somehow knew that now-me would need you to be, well, more.

Here’s to the future, and may we enjoy it together from now on.

Lots of Love,
Mummy Impractical
(I know I said I was dropping that, but I do still love it. What do you think, should I keep my playful signature?)


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