Toilet Training

So, about a week ago now, Bubba decided nappies were old hat. He did this by taking his pants off, handing me his nappy and then putting the pants back on.

Initially I found this behaviour amusing. After the situation repeated itself for about an hour, I finally had the brains to say: “Don’t you want to wear a nappy any more?” To which Bubba replied “no!”

To say I was unprepared is putting it lightly. Bubba spent at least half an hour with no pants on whatsoever whilst I gathered the toilet seat and madly consulted all my parenting literature. I had no problem with him being pants free but it is the middle of winter and the chill didn’t appeal to me. Then I remembered he had been given some undies as a present not long ago. Saved! For now. For pairs won’t go far, so a trip to the shop was in order.

Let’s just say emergency underwear shopping is a lot more interesting when you are worried your baby toddler is going to pee on the floor.

Anyway it has been a terrifying road but thankfully for me Bubba is intelligent and within a week he has pretty much gotten the hang of it.

Apart from the day we went to the shops and he kept showing his doodle to everyone. Yeah, that was embarrassing.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Sharing is caring!
Lots of love
Mummy Impractical.


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