The Great Escape

When Bubba is naughty, he goes to sit in his thinking place for a little while. This is usually uneventful, but today things went a bit strange.

The whole idea is to pretty much ignore him so he realises he’s done something wrong. I often stand where I can see him and play on my phone, which is what I was doing this morning. This way if he tries to escape, I’ll know about it.

Anyway things were going well and after about five minutes I hear a distinct plop sound. I look up and see a nappy at my feet. I look at Bubba, who is wearing a very innocent expression, not to mention he is still fully dressed.

I get up and do a quick circuit of the area but there are no bags anywhere within his reach. Confused, I go back and pick the nappy up off the floor. Not only is it wet but it’s also warm!

There is only one solution but it is impossible, surely. I walk over to Bubba and stand him up. He is laughing as I pull his pants down. Sure enough, a bare bottom is all I can see. Somehow, he’s managed to take his nappy off without removing any clothes.

“Why did you take your nappy off?” I ask. He shrugs.
“See doodle,” he says.
Of course. Boys.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Sharing is caring!

Lots of love,
Mummy Impractical


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