Stop! Nappytime

Bubba Impractical has recently discovered how to take off his nappy. He wears disposables and has worked out how to open the side tabs. This has not really been a problem, he helps me take his nappy off at bath time and really only makes mischief when I put a new one on and he wants to take it off straight away.

Yesterday, I put Bubba down for his afternoon nap and he was not pleased. He’d snatched ten minutes on the way home from swimming only an hour before bedtime, so he wasn’t keen on sleeping. I’ve always found the best thing with Bubba is to put him to bed anyway, because he sort of chats to himself for a while and then eventually drops off to sleep in his own time. Yesterday was no different – Grammy Impractical and I could hear him giggling and playing for about half an hour or so and then all was quiet.

Most of the time, I will go in to wake Bubba and he will be already awake, lying in his cot waiting for me with a beaming smile. Sometimes he has a nightmare or something and wakes up crying, so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary when he started to cry about five minutes before I was due to go in and wake him up. I had my hands full at the time, so Grammy volunteered to dash across the hall and get him. She opens the bedroom door and I hear her say:

“Um, he’s got nothing on.”

I ask for clarification here, because during the day I put Bubba down in his t-shirt and nappy, so yes technically he has no pants on but he goes in a sleeping bag and then under his blankets. Grammy repeats herself, expanding that he is not wearing either sleeping bag or nappy. I am unable to comprehend what she says, so I drop what I was doing and race in to see for myself.

Sure enough, Bubba is laying on his side in his cot and I can see his bare bottom! The blankets have been kicked down, the sleeping bag is unzipped and he is out of it, and the nappy is off to one side. Oh, and Bubba and the bed and everything I just mentioned are all soaking wet. Because, you know, it’s not official if you don’t pee on it. I put a hand on him and realise he’s cold, which means he did all this undressing before he went to sleep and has probably woken up because he’s freezing and covered in wee. Great.

I like to think I’m a good mother, so I did what all good mothers would do in this situation: I ran and got the camera and took some pictures while he wasn’t quite awake. Then, when my 21st birthday evidence was safe, I picked him up, took all the wet things off (somehow, the t-shirt and Teddy were completely dry) and put a new nappy on asap.

Bubba is no worse the wear for his nudist experiment but I for one can say that when I put him down for his nap today, I did so with trepidation. Who knows what I’ll find when I go in there today!

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Sharing is caring!

Lots of love,
Mummy Impractical


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