The Magic of Grandpa

Bubba Impractical has all of his teeth and is a good eater, so about a week or so ago I made the decision: no more baby food. It seems that Bubba has grown a suspicious streak, because I soon learnt that any food he did not recognise the look of, he wouldn’t even taste, let alone eat. So his tried and true favourites were essentially useless because they didn’t look the part, so he wouldn’t even put the spoon in his mouth to make the connection. There was no ‘oh wow mummy, it’s sausage pasta!’ delight, no squeals of joy as he associated this new-look food with his old favourite tastes. There was a lot of ‘no, no, no,’ and then some ‘ta, ta, ta’ as he picked up his bowl and politely gave it back to me.

Great. Well, I’m stubborn too! So I follow the advice of my copious parenting resources and decide that if he doesn’t want it, then he’s not hungry. After a couple of these scenarios, it will be like magic and food will go down the teeny tiny hatch. Only it didn’t. After four days I decide to take a stand. Bubba and I face off across the high chair tray with a bowl of sausage pasta between us. I tell him he is not getting out until he eats it all. The tantrums go on for half an hour, and still not even one mouthful. At this point, Grandpa Impractical pops in for a visit. I explain to him what is going on and he takes the spoon off me and… Bubba eats. And eats. And eats!! Very soon, Grandpa Impractical has fed him the whole bowlful and Bubba is happily munching a nectarine for dessert. I am furious, pleased, and a bit miffed all in one but I wash it off with the comforting thought that now he has tasted the sausage pasta, he will recognise it again in the future.

Grandpa Impractical suggests that perhaps my threat of going hungry is a little empty considering Bubba has afternoon tea at about 3pm, is offered his dinner at 5pm and then has a 100ml bottle before bedtime at 6.30pm. Perhaps afternoon tea is enough to get him through to the bottle if he doesn’t want dinner, and even if the bottle is a small one, perhaps it is enough to get him through until the morning, when he gets a full 200ml bottle. Which he guzzles as if he’s starving. I give his idea a little thought but I put it aside eventually because Bubba has been on this routine since he was old enough to eat solids, and he’s never had a problem until now. Besides, he jumped the first hurdle so everything will be fine now, right?

The next day, I serve the sausage pasta again. Bubba refuses to eat it. What? Why? I post a rant on my social networking site, and after I calm down I think over Grandpa’s advice from the night before. All my wonderful mummy peers (you know who you are!) were unanimous in their opinons when responding to my cries for help. Much of their advice I had already tried but there was a new suggestion. If Bubba ate what we ate, when we ate it, perhaps he would be more likely to eat. I decide to try it.

First night is a partial success. I am satisfied enough to continue with this new idea. The second night, Grandpa Impractical babysits for us whilst we go out for dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary. He makes one of my childhood favourites for Bubba nd himself to share. Bubba ate every mouthful Grandpa offered him, happily, without protest, and to top it off he also drank all of his bottle.

Grandpa Impractical is clearly magical. I think it’s something to do with Grandpas – I had a very special bond with my own Grandpa (may he rest in peace) and I am glad to see Bubba seems to be developing something similar. Either that or it’s all part of his evil genius plan to drive me completely bonkers. I’m not sure yet.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Sharing is caring!

Lots of Love,
Mummy Impractical


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