Christmas Shopping

On Tuesday, Bubba and I went shopping with Grammy Impractical. After a long morning of battling the other christmas shoppers, we decided that some lunch was in order.

Normally when I shop with Bubba I take his pram but Grammy had driven and her car is too small for the pram to fit. So today we had a shopping trolley, which Bubba thinks is a rare treat. My local shopping complex doesn’t have any high chairs – normally Bubba sits happily in his pram as it is approximately chair height but the trolley is far too high. Grammy and I decide he will have to sit with us.

The food area in this particular shopping center has a raised section in the middle and then more tables and chairs around the edge on the floor level. We decided to sit against the wall on the raised part as it has a long bench seat around the outside and we could sit Bubba between us.

This worked reasonably well and we ate our lunch without any real hassles. (It’s amazing how hot chippies can make even the bounciest toddler sit very still!) You’re waiting for the catch, right? It’s coming.

Bubba decides he has had enough and after a quick hand and face wipe, he stands up on the bench and turns around to look out over the edge. Grammy and I are cleaning up the mess so we aren’t paying particularly close attention. Out of the corner of my eye I see Bubba’s head dip and I realise he is leaning over the edge of the wall.

I quickly drop my things and turn to grab him. He’s a climber so my worry was that he would try to get over but he had both feet firmly planted. Curious now, I look over the wall as well.

Unbeknownst to me, there are people sitting butted up against the wall on the other side, at the floor level. Bubba is in the process of patting an elderly bald gentleman on the top of the head! Ohhhh great, I think. Luckily for me the man’s companion is laughing and waving and after a moment Bubba’s victim turns around and he is laughing too.

I’m embarrassed but I seem to be the only one – even Grammy is laughing hysterically. The victim announces that Bubba is very cute and offers his head for more patting. There is a series of high fives, some general smiling and nodding and then I take Bubba (who waves like a madman) and put him back in the trolley. The world is now normal, even if I do exit the food area quicker than usual, with Grammy still laughing.

So embarrassing! We were lucky the man was so kind.
Has anything like this ever happened to you? Sharing is caring!

Lots of love
Mummy Impractical


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