The Ladies’ Man

Bubba, my dad (Grandpa Impractical) and myself went shopping this morning. As is often the case on such an expedition, there came a point in time where we needed a toilet break. We were in a large department store, which was fine because they have a set of public toilets right near the men’s clothing section, which also happens to be near the door we came in by. The premise for this exercise is simple: I hold Bubba while you go and then you hold Bubba whilst I go. Easy.

So it’s Grandpa’s turn and I’m holding Bubba’s hand while we wait. I’m not really paying attention but it does register my mind that a lot of women are going back and forth to the toilets. My attention is finally captured by one woman giggling; I look at her and she says “Oh, he’s so cute!” as she goes by.

I look down at Bubba. He is meeting the eyes of every woman that goes by, giving them his absolute best soulfulm wide-eyed expression. I watch him for a while, as literally ten to fifteen ladies (it seemed to be a busy toilet) went back and forth, each one muttering “So cute!” and waving little waves at Bubba as they go past. Young, old, thick, thin – none are immune to the tiny fabio by my side. I watch and wait until we are alone for a moment.

“Practising for later?” I ask him. I’m not expecting a reply – he is only sixteen months old, after all. To my surprise, he turns his soulful face up at me, locking my gaze to his with those massive hazel eyes. Good gracious, it’s a wonder they’re not piling up at our front door! I manage, through my cute-baby stupor, to raise an eyebrow at him. Just one eyebrow, because I’m cool like that. His face breaks into a mischeivous grin and his eyes glitter with laughter. We hear the clip-clop of high heels and the soulful expression reappears as he seeks out his next victim. “Oh, how cute!” she giggles as she minces by. Uh-huh.

Grandpa reappears at last and my little womaniser dissolves into a little boy once more and we leave. As we put Bubba into his carseat, I lean across to him and say, “So what did you learn today, little villain?” Once again, I do not expect a reply. I have seen fabio in action.

He raises one eyebrow at me. Just one.
I think it’s time to quit while I’m ahead.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Caring is sharing?

Lots of Love
Mummy Impractical


2 thoughts on “The Ladies’ Man

  1. Awww that is so precious! What an amazing experience for you and bubba!
    I’m sorry that you lost your grandpa! It’s SO hard when we lose someone we love and has had such a big impact on your lives!
    It reminds me of something similar that happened to my oldest daughter and my self. She was about 2 and in her room playing. I walked passed and noticed her talking to what I thought was herself. Until I asked her what she was doing and she answered “Talking to Aunty Jessie” I lost my sister Jessica “Jessie” when I was about 2.5 and Jessie was 6 months. I had never told my daughter about her Aunty Jessie, so it had to be real! It’s nice knowing she is there watching over my girls.

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