Taste, Texture, Contraband

So feeding any baby is difficult. I get that. I’m fortunate enough to be blessed with a baby who eats pretty much anything – the only things he has ever rejected have been zucchini, banana and beef korma (very mild, of course). He eats a lot and he loves food. Usually I cook for him myself but on occasion I buy those organic baby pouches because they are easy when we go out.

Not long ago I decided it was time to try some raw fruit pieces. He loves fruit puree but he has all his teeth now (except his 2 year old molars) so I figured some crunchy apple matchsticks would go down a treat. Boy, was I wrong. I tried several varieties of fruit and soon discovered he wouldn’t eat anything sticky, wet or gooey – like, oh, ANY type of raw fruit. I sat down and analysed his finger food intake and realised the error was mine. I had avoided giving him anything messy as a finger food, so why would I expect him to suddenly eat it now? I solved the problem with dried fruit – still nutritious, not sticky. He loves it.

Aaaaaaanyway. Last week my mum drops in (she often visits on her way home from work). We are having a cuppa and all of a sudden she says: “Oh, did you give Bubba some rice crackers?” to which I say no, but he did have a rusk before. She says, “No, they are crackers.” Sure enough, he has a proper adult’s rice cracker in each hand. We follow the trail of destruction and discover he has pilfered her lunch bag, opened the container of bikkies and started going to town on them. So a new rule is put in place: no bags on the floor.

Two days later, she’s back again and this time she has a set of groceries. Due to the number of bags, she puts them on the floor (don’t worry, it’s all in those recyclable non-suffocation bags) but I am not worried as it’s all fresh fruit and as we have already established, he doesn’t eat that. You can see where this is going already, can’t you? Well, I’m obviously not that smart.

Once again, cuppa situation, only this time it’s ME who hears the sound of rustling.  I turn around to see Bubba with a strawberry the size of a small apple in his hand – and on his face – and in his mouth. Holy fleabitten camel armpits, he’s eating it!! I can only stare in astonishment whilst my mum (who we shall call Grammy Impractical from now on) busts her sides laughing. We continue to watch whilst he eats the whole strawberry. “Don’t worry,” I say as I clean him up, “I’m sure it’s just a once off. He hates raw fruit.”

Two days later, at a family BBQ, Grammy offers Bubba another whole strawberry (hulled, of course) and naturally he takes it and eats the whole thing, whilst I glare at him for proving me wrong again. The next day, I am making him some fruit puree for his breakfast and I happened to have a banana in my fruit collection. He hates banana. Banana is the first food he ever turned down. There is no way he is going to eat this banana but I have a gap in his puree menu that would be very cosy and jsut the right shape for a banana.

I decide to prove myself right. I peel the banana, break off a third of it and offer it. Bubba claps his hands in excitement, takes it, tastes it… and eats the whole lot. I consider reminding him that he doesn’t like banana but I decide not to and instead I peel the rest of them into his meal whilst he watches and gurgles in delight.

Evil. Genius. (but oh how I love to smoosh his face against mine!!!)

Has anything like this happened to you? Caring is sharing!

Lots of Love
Mummy Impractical


One thought on “Taste, Texture, Contraband

  1. He’s a male, you planted the idea of eating whole fruit, but he just had to wait for the opportunity to do it himself so that he gets all the credit! 🙂

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